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Scale of justice and law book for family law attorney in Henderson, NV

What does a family law attorney do?

When do you need Family Law advice? If you are involved in a legal matter involving your family, that’s the time that you probably do. Modern consumers are used to handling things themselves, and there are legal forms online that you might be considering using for your court case, but we advise you to rethink this approach. When you have to go to court against someone close to you, emotions rise and the fight can get ugly. Why hire a Family Law attorney? An experienced Family Law attorney can guide you through unfamiliar legal territory while also helping you to manage your emotions. Separately emotion from legal grounds is necessary and hiring a Family Law attorney will allow you to pass the torch to our highly qualified legal team to handle all correspondence, documents, procedures, and arguments to help preserve the familial relationship during the legal process.

A Family Law attorney is a lawyer who specializes in family matters such as Divorce, Custody, Paternity, Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support/Alimony, Division of Assets and Debts, Property Distribution, Relocation, TPOs/Restraining Orders, Annulment, Pre-Marital Agreements, Guardianship, Adoption, Termination of Parental Rights, and Estate Planning. Our team of Family Law attorneys have represented thousands in our community and have the experience and legal knowledge to fully assess your case and develop the legal and procedural basis to win your case.  Whether you are just starting the process, in the midst of litigation, or need to overturn your current orders, our team is ready to assist you and provide you with the benefits of hiring a Family Law attorney.  What are the benefits of hiring a Family Law attorney? There are several.

Family Law attorneys understand legal proceedings

In addition to understanding Family Law, a Family Law attorney has a comprehensive grasp of the law and court proceedings. It is difficult to navigate the legal system, especially since different states have different laws regarding legal proceedings. Without the help of an attorney, you may not handle legalities correctly. Time limits apply to certain aspects of family court cases, and someone without legal knowledge is likely to miss a deadline or misfile paperwork. There are even regulations on how papers must be presented, and if you have an experienced attorney handling your case, you can be sure it will be managed correctly.

An experienced Family Law attorney will give you good counsel

Family issues, particularly Divorce and Custody, can be very painful and stressful. It’s hard to keep your head in high-stress situations, but a Family Lawyer can help. Competent to give advice on family dispute proceedings, a Family Law attorney can help reduce the tension surrounding your case, allowing you to stay calm. What’s more, when you have a competent attorney helping you, you can focus on circumstances in your personal life that need your attention while your lawyer handles your case.

If the other party has representation, your Family Law attorney will level the playing field

It is likely that the party you are disputing will have hired an attorney, and if you go without counsel, you will be at a disadvantage. To make sure the case is handled equitably, you need someone on your side, to guide you and provide legal assistance. Having your own Family Law attorney will assure that you won’t be bullied, and you’ll come out of the dispute with your rights intact and a settlement that gives you what is rightfully yours.

A Family Law attorney knows exactly how to correctly file your paperwork

This may seem like a minor detail, but it is far from it. There are many different legal documents involved in Divorce, Child Custody, Paternity, or any other family court matter. Without the right legal documentation to support your case, you may not get the outcome you desire and deserve. These documents must be worded in a precise way, filed correctly, notarized, and submitted before the filing deadlines have passed. A Family Law attorney makes sure you don’t make any missteps that could negatively impact your case.

You’ll save money by hiring a Family Law attorney

You may think you can save money by handling your case yourself, but this is not a good idea. If you end up losing your case because you defended yourself instead of hiring a lawyer, it could put you in a bad position financially and will end up costing you more in the long run to file for reconsideration, modification, and/or an appeal. The best way to make sure you don’t pay too much in legal costs and you don’t end up owing the other party more money than you feel is fair is to seek representation the minute you decide to get a Divorce, have a Custody dispute, or find yourself in need of legal advisement.

With experience in negotiating settlements, a Family Law attorney can help you achieve a favorable outcome

Negotiation is an art and a science, and you need someone in your court who is not only competent but also experienced. You can be sure that opposing counsel will know more about the law than you do, so you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage if you don’t have your own attorney. A Family Law attorney knows how to present you and your case in the best possible way, because a lawyer’s goal is to win the case for their client. In Family Court, more is at stake than just money, so you need someone to fight for your rights. Without a competent Family Law attorney, you could end up losing property that’s rightfully yours or losing time with your children. Family Law attorneys are experts at negotiating not just the major aspects of a Family Court case, but also all of the little details that are ultimately very important. In many cases, Family Lawyers can negotiate a settlement out of court before having to litigate or appear before the court, helping you reach a deal and agreement that is fair to both parties.

Whenever you need help from a Family Law attorney, contact Smith Legal Group.  As a full-service law firm, we provide legal assistance and representation to clients throughout Nevada. Our firm is committed to formulating a customized legal strategy to meet each individual client’s legal needs, our team works around the clock for our clients, providing appointments when needed, even after hours and on weekends. Smith Legal Group’s initial consultations are free, and we’ve successfully represented thousands of cases since 2010. Call us at 702-410-5001 to discuss your legal concerns or contact us through our website to request a consultation.