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Children benefit from the care and support of both parents. It provides them with a balanced environment.

When two parents split up or are not together at the time of the child’s birth, it is important to establish a custody arrangement in the best Interests of the child – ideally one where both parents are present.

However, in some cases, a child is better off in the primary care of the mother.

Smith Legal Group has mothers’ rights lawyers that are ready to fight for mothers’ rights to the fullest extent. They can help help you gain better control of the custody of your child.

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How do we fight for mothers’ rights?

Under the law, mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights are viewed as equal.

There are, however, cases where, as a mother, you will need to fight to protect your child when a joint custody arrangement is not in your child’s best interests.

You need a mothers’ right lawyer to speak on your behalf, advocating in the court as to why a primary physical custody order is required instead.

At Smith Legal Group, our lawyers work hard to protect mothers’ rights, whether that be by establishing a sole custody order, or by ensuring that you are adequately compensated for all of the child’s expenses that you would otherwise be covering alone.

When do you need to hire a mothers’ right attorney?

You need an experienced family attorney to advocate for your maternal rights in court if you answer Yes to any of these questions:

  • Do you fee you are being unfairly kept out of your child’s life?
  • Do you feel your child is not properly looked after when with the father?
  • Do you think the father has simply not been present for long periods of time throughout the child’s life?

Smith Legal Group will work with you to evaluate your situation and determine the best method to fight for your rights and get the best outcome available for you and your child.

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Smith Legal Group stands up for their clients, ensuring they receive fair treatment by the court.

Whether you feel you deserve more access to your children, want to be more involved in decisions made about their care, or wish to obtain full custody, our team is here to help you get it.

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