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In Nevada, every child has a legal right to be financially supported by both of his or her parents.

However, it is impossible to quantify exactly how much it costs to raise a child. Accordingly, Nevada has developed a formula to determine how much each parent should have to pay for a child’s support.

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How much child support will you pay or receive?

The amount of child support a parent is entitled to receive or required to pay is contingent upon the type of custody enjoyed by that parent and the parents’ respective incomes.

A parent with primary physical custody will likely receive child support from a parent with visitation only.

How much child support is received or owed is contingent upon the number of children the parties share, the income of the parents, and the facts and circumstances of the case.

Nevada’s child support law changed significantly in February 2020. Accordingly, even if you are familiar about how child support works, calculating child support has become a much more complex task. First and foremost, all of the percentages have changed. Furthermore, the statutory cap on child support that used to exist has been eliminated.

What will you pay for child support in Nevada?

As a general rule, a non-custodial parent can expect to pay the following amounts of their gross monthly income (GMI):

up to $6,000
$6,000 – $10,000
over $10,000
> 4adtl 2% ea. childadtl 1% ea. childadtl .5% ea. child

Factors such as which party provides health insurance, day care, the support of other children, the costs of visitation, and the income of the other party may drastically alter the court’s decisions regarding child support.

However, notwithstanding this general rule, there are modifications available in the amount of child support a party may be entitled to receive or required to pay.

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