• Marriage Annulment Services from Smith Legal Group

    Annulments in Las Vegas It’s all too easy to get a little carried away under the bright lights of the Las Vegas strip. Wedding chapels in the area offer affordable packages and fun themes, and quite often, couples decide to tie the knot without thoroughly considering their future together. Smith Legal Group, a family law firm near Las Vegas, understands the conundrums elopers often face when they realize that tying the knot may not have been the best decision. When you visit our family law firm , we’ll review your unique situation, apprise you of your legal rights, and explain your options, which may include annulment.

    Annulling a marriage means that the marriage was never legally valid and therefore never existed. As our family law attorney can explain to you, an annulment of a marriage is much simpler than a divorce and it is typically resolved more quickly. Our family law firm can help you take advantage of Nevada’s annulment laws, which enable even nonresidents to go through this process. This means that we’ll take care of all of the paperwork at our family law firm in Henderson, while you return home and put your ill-fated marriage behind you.

  • Annulment vs. Divorce

    Las Vegas is notorious for being a destination for elopers. Fortunately, Nevada has generous annulment laws , which your family attorney can help you navigate. An annulment and a divorce are similar in that they both cancel a marriage. However, there are a few crucial differences. When you are granted an annulment with the help of a Las Vegas divorce attorney, it essentially means that your marriage never existed. In contrast, a divorce means that your marriage has been terminated.

    As you’ll learn by watching this video, an annulment offers numerous benefits. Many people prefer a wedding annulment for religious reasons. Others visit a family law firm to discuss an annulment because, unlike a divorce, it does not involve the court-ordered division of assets.