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Although Nevada does not explicitly acknowledge the concept of grandparents’ visitation rights, a legal term called “third-party visitation rights” is recognized.

Grandparents can use this to obtain a visitation order from Nevada’s family court system.

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Do grandparents have third-party visitation rights?

Don’t let the seemingly broader concept of third-party visitation rights get the best of you.

Making the case for third-party visitation rights in Nevada is a process that can quickly become overwhelming, especially for grandparents already facing emotional stress due to separation from their grandchildren.

Grandparents must provide what is called the “burden of proof“ or the ability to foster an environment that supports the best interest of their grandchildren.

The court weighs these various factors, which include the child’s well-being, the history of the relationship between grandparent and grandchild, and even willingness to encourage a positive parent-child relationship.

How does a grandparent obtain a visitation order?

Grandparents seeking a visitation order in Nevada must go through several legal steps to ensure the rights of both the child and the grandparent are protected.

The grandparent must file a petition with the district court where the child lives, outlining their relationship with the child and proving the child will benefit from a proposed visitation schedule.

A judge will then consider the burden of proof, the parents’ wishes, and other various factors that impact the child’s daily life. If the court determines that visitation is appropriate, a visitation order will then be issued.

Can visitation orders extend beyond grandparents?

Nevada’s recognition of third-party visitation rights also extends to other family members.

Relatives and non-relatives who have previously cared for the child, including aunts, uncles, and even close family friends, may also file a petition for child visitation rights.

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