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Attorneys often advise that resolving a divorce amicably is preferable. However, if the other spouse is being unreasonable, acting in bad faith, or unwilling to compromise, litigation may be the only recourse to settle the divorce.

Litigating isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it provides an opportunity to have a judge decide whether your rights and interests have been properly represented and protected.

If you are ready to fight in court and have the financial means and emotional strength, then a contested divorce is the right course of action.

Smith Legal Group has the best divorce lawyers to argue your contested divorce in a Nevada courtroom. They have the in-depth knowledge and fortitude to present your case persuasively.

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When negotiation and being amicable aren’t working

Contested divorce is about both parties recognizing that their differences will only be resolved with court intervention.

This approach offers a more time-consuming, more expensive, and adversarial alternative to the often simpler out-of-court negotiations involved in uncontested divorce cases.

It is not uncommon for a divorce that initially begins with both parties attempting to negotiate terms amicably to eventually escalate into a contested divorce.

This occurs frequently, particularly in cases involving complex financial arrangements, custody battles, or high-conflict relationships.

Disagreements over various key issues, such as child custody, asset division, or spousal support, can lead to a breakdown in communication and cooperation, ultimately necessitating court intervention to settle the disputes.

When this occurs, you need an experienced contested divorce attorney like those at Smith Legal Group to litigate your divorce in court to a judge without fanning the flames.

5 questions to ask yourself if a contested divorce is for you

Careful thought and planning are necessary when pursuing a litigated divorce. Decisions should not be driven by anger, resentment and sadness. Instead, they should be made through thoughtful consideration of potential outcomes.

1. Have I explored all potential avenues for reaching a resolution with my spouse outside of court, such as mediation?

2. Am I emotionally prepared to navigate the potentially lengthy and adversarial process of a contested divorce?

3. Do I have the financial resources to sustain the costs associated with litigation, including legal fees and court expenses?

4. Are there any specific issues or disagreements between myself and my spouse that are likely to require court intervention to resolve?

5. Have I consulted with a qualified attorney to assess the strengths and weaknesses of my case and to understand the potential outcomes and risks associated with pursuing a contested divorce?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to all these questions, then pursuing a contested divorce is probably your best option.

Why litigation is better than negotiation

While negotiation undoubtedly has its merits in resolving disputes amicably, there are circumstances where litigation proves to be the superior option.

  • Structured legal process.
  • Impartial judgment by a judge.
  • Protection of individual rights.
  • Thorough examination of evidence through discovery.
  • Court judgments carry enforceability.
  • Necessary when negotiation fails or one party acts in bad faith.

Our contested divorce lawyers can provide comprehensive explanations into each of these points, ensuring that you fully understand the potential implications of pursuing litigation.

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