Child Support Services in Nevada

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In this short blog post, we’ll address a few things about child support services in Nevada, beginning with the application and touching on enforcement.

For additional information, we suggest you visit Clark County’s District Attorney Family Support Division website.

Child support application

If you live in Southern Nevada, you can request a child support application be mailed to you by calling (800) 992-0900 or (702) 486-1646.

Alternatively, you can download the PDF application online or stop in at a local Child Support office to pick one up.

Once you have filled it out, you can also send it back by postal mail or drop it off in person.

When filing for legal custody in Las Vegas, you will need to provide the following info:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • Social security number
  • Birth certificate
  • Decree of divorce or legal separation agreement

Court order to pay child support

The District Attorney’s Office, Family Support Division can obtain a court order requiring the noncustodial parent to pay child support.

They need to know where the noncustodial parent resides or works before securing a court order for child support payments.

If the noncustodial parent refuses to make child support payments, you may be able to obtain an order for income withholding of the child support from the noncustodial parent’s wages and assets.

Collecting support from benefit checks

If the noncustodial parent receives unemployment, workers’ compensation or other state retirement system benefits, you may be able to have those benefit checks attached to the payment support system.

If the noncustodial parent has no source of income, the court will order him or her to search for a job and notify the court once a job is secured.

Child Support Attorneys in Nevada

Smith Legal Group understands Nevada’s child support laws and how they could affect you. Contact our Henderson, NV office at 702-410-5001 to request a free consultation if you want us to fight for a just and reasonable child support arrangement on your behalf.

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