Benefits of Divorce Mediation

divorce mediation concept with mediator joining hands with couple

It should come as no surprise that divorce can get messy. People in the middle of ending a marriage are emotional, and it’s easy to let anger and resentment overtake good judgment. One way to keep things from getting out of hand is to try divorce mediation.

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process in which a specially-trained mediator meets with a divorcing couple to help them resolve some divorce-related issues. This works for many couples, because it allows them to be proactive and have control over their divorce, rather than having to go to trial and ask a judge to make important decisions for them.

Will divorce mediation work for you?

Only you can answer that question, but we’ll give you some information to help you decide.

When a couple chooses divorce mediation, the mediator helps the soon-to-be ex-spouses to communicate. Often, communication is a major factor in the failure of the marriage, and people who have trouble talking to each other benefit greatly from the help of a trained professional.

The mediator can help the couple address issues like property division, and alimony or spousal support. If you have children, calmly determining things like custody, visitation, and child support is crucial, and a mediator can help facilitate these peaceful negotiations.

Mediators are trained in conflict resolution and knowledgeable about your state’s divorce laws. They are neutral parties who don’t take sides, and while they can offer suggestions regarding your issues, they cannot force you into any kind of decision.

There are different types of mediators, and the type you choose will depend largely on the circumstances of your divorce.

A divorce mediation attorney will have extensive knowledge of the relevant legal issues and can help couples make sound legal decisions.

Should you decide to utilize a non-attorney mediator, both parties should strongly consider having the agreement reviewed by an experienced family law attorney that specializes in mediation before making it official.

Mediation is a good option for many couples because it results in a far less stressful divorce process and will be far less expensive than going to court. If a couple agrees that the marriage is really over and they want to make decisions about the divorce on their own, they will want to be well-informed, and our family law attorneys and mediators can help them reach these goals.

For parents who want to do what is best for their children and protect them from the emotional impact of a contentious divorce, a mediator can offer valuable guidance. However, that doesn’t mean that mediation is right for everyone.

What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

Sometimes, couples just need help with paperwork, but often, there are more complex issues to resolve. If you and your spouse have a special situation, like a child with special needs or a large number of assets, you may need the help of a knowledgeable mediator.

Rather than leaving it up to a judge to decide how your assets are divided and your custody is settled, you can hire a mediator to help you work out your divorce on your own terms. You and your spouse are much more familiar with your situation than a judge could be, and with mediation, you can create solutions tailored to meet your family’s needs.

Going to court to get a divorce can take a long time. In fact, while the average uncontested divorce can be settled in weeks, some contested divorce cases take several years to resolve. By contrast, mediation moves as quickly as you do. What’s more, when you take a divorce to court, attorney fees can add up quickly, while in mediation, spouses typically split a much lower flat fee.

Divorcing couples have no control over the timing of their divorce hearings. The court schedules your hearing date accordingly to the court’s schedule, and you can end up waiting for hours just for a judge to be ready to hear your case. With a mediator, you can set the dates and times of meetings and our attorneys can submit your divorce papers without you having to appear in court.

A long, drawn-out legal battle takes its toll, and parties who have spent years fighting each other in court are less likely to have a good working relationship at the end of it. Mediation can set a better tone, making it easier to communicate post-divorce and co-parent your children.

Divorce Mediators in Nevada

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