Are You Ready for Divorce?

divorce concept with road sign

The decision to end a marriage usually takes time, as you may find that your feelings tend to change on a daily basis.

Some days you may feel more confident that your marriage is over, while on other days you may be focusing on your remaining love or how divorce will affect your family.

Before you rush to get a divorce, take a moment to reflect on the following three questions to better assess whether your marriage might still be salvageable.

Are you simply threatening divorce?

As a divorce attorney will advise you, filing for divorce means separating all legal, practical and emotional aspects of your life from your spouse. In heated marital arguments, you may find either you or your spouse threatens divorce.

But, if you consistently threaten divorce during an argument, you lose credibility.

Your decision to divorce should come from a desire to close the chapter of your life you share with your spouse. This means you should be considering divorce even when you are not fighting with your spouse.

Is this an emotionally reactive decision?

In order to make appropriate decisions during the divorce filing process, you need to let go of any strong emotional attachments toward your spouse. This means letting go of your feelings of love as well as your hostile and hurtful emotions.

Making emotionally charged decisions doesn’t address your underlying issues.

If you begin your meetings with a divorce attorney angry, you will likely stay angry once the divorce is final.

Can you take control of your life?

Whether you initiated the divorce or you are meeting with a family law attorney in response to your spouse filing for divorce, you need to react appropriately.

The attitude you choose to adopt will determine the type of divorce you have.

Instead of entering the process from a position of bitterness or revenge, negotiate your future from a position of strength, understanding, and respect.

Divorce Lawyers in Nevada

Smith Legal Group can help you determine if you’re ready for a divorce. Our attorneys are trained to approach divorce cases objectively, enabling them to offer a neutral perspective on your situation free from emotional bias. You can request a free consultation with one of our divorce lawyers by contacting our Henderson, NV office at 702-410-5001.

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