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At Smith Legal Group, we understand the emotional and financial difficulties that accompany every Family Law case. Our overarching goal, therefore, is to relieve our clients from as much of the hassle associated with their legal issues as possible.

In our experience, the first goal of any Family Law case should be to arrive at a fair and equitable settlement that achieves as many of our clients’ goals as possible. After all, why would anyone want a judge to decide what is best for their family? We believe our clients should be able to decide what is best for themselves, their children, and their property.

However, in those cases where a fair and equitable settlement just cannot be reached due to unreasonable expectations from the other party, our experienced litigators are there every step of the way – fighting to protect the rights of our clients with respect to the custody of their children, spousal support, and the equitable division of property.

At Smith Legal Group, we have experience in a wide range of family law cases including:

Family Law cases can be painful and expensive. At Smith Legal Group, our goal is to alleviate as much of that pain and expense as possible. If you need help with a Family Law matter, contact us today at (702) 410-5001 for a comprehensive, free initial consultation.

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