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We Handle Juvenile Crime in Las Vegas, NV

Smith Legal Group believes no child or teenager’s mistake should cost them their future – kids make mistakes. We provide legal representation for juveniles under 18 years old facing an array of offenses. Our goal is to achieve the best possible solution for our clients. Regardless of what you or your child are facing, you can count on a knowledgeable and passionate defense attorney from our firm. Our Las Vegas, NV juvenile crime lawyers know how to work with prosecutors to achieve a favorable deal and how to argue your case in court, if necessary.

A family law attorney shows a couple something on a computer pertaining to guardianship in Henderson, NV.

What to Expect from Juvenile Court in Nevada

Juvenile courts can impose the same life-changing sentences as their adult counterparts, so it is essential to take any charges seriously. But there are some differences between juvenile and adult courts. For instance, juvenile trials do not go before a jury like an adult court. Instead, they are handled by the juvenile court and are not considered “criminal.” Nevada has taken steps to reform the juvenile court system to help teens through difficult times and avoid long-term consequences and repeat arrests. Our role is to guide you or your teen through this process and set them up for success.

Avoid Real-Life Consequences By Hiring Our Legal Professionals

Nevada does not believe juvenile court cases should be punitive, but that does not mean there are no real-life consequences. The aim is always to provide rehabilitation and counseling to prevent future criminal acts, but children placed in juvenile facilities are still impacted by their decisions. That is why you need to hire our attorneys. We will advocate on your teenager’s behalf and ensure they get a fair shake. Over the years, we have seen countless teenagers get a second chance and transform their lives. Call now to schedule a consultation.

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