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In Nevada, every child has a legal right to be financially supported by both of his or her parents. However, it is impossible to quantify exactly how much it costs to raise a child. Accordingly, Nevada has developed a formula to determine how much each parent should have to pay for a child’s support.

The amount of Child Support a parent is entitled to pay or receive is contingent upon the type of custody enjoyed by that parent. A parent with Primary Physical Custody will receive Child Support from a parent with visitation, which is defined in Nevada as anything less than 40% of time with the Child. How much Child Support is received or owed in contingent upon three factors – the number of children, the income of the non-custodial parent, and whether there is an applicable statutory cap on the amount of the child support the custodial parent is entitled to receive. As a general rule, a non-custodial parent can expect to pay the following amounts of their Gross Monthly Income:

• 1 Child18%
• 2 Children25%
• 3 Children29%
• 4 Children31%
• 5+ Children2% increase in Child Support obligation for each additional child

However, notwithstanding this general rule, there are modifications available in the amount of child support a party may be entitled to receive or required to pay. Factors such as statutory caps, health insurance, day care, the support of other children, and special needs of the child/children can all work to raise or lower a Child Support award.

For Parties with Joint Physical Custody, Child Support works the same as it does for those with Primary Physical Custody with one major difference. In a Joint Physical Custody scenario, the Court will examine the Gross Monthly Incomes of both parents. Essentially, the Court will calculate a Child Support amount for both parents and then subtract the smaller of those two amounts from the larger of those two amounts. The parent who makes more money will typically be ordered to pay the difference between those two amounts to the other parent for Child Support.

At Smith Legal Group, we understand the ins and outs of Nevada Child Custody law. We understand the nuances that the Court looks at in determining Child Support and how to use those nuances to maximize the benefits available to our clients in a Child Support award. Call Smith Legal Group today for a free consultation. Let us assist you in obtaining the best possible Child Support Order for your particular situation.

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