Annulment Annulment Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a 24-hour town. The casinos are open all night, the bars are open all night … and so are the wedding chapels. Sometimes in the midst of the party, decisions get made that are better left to sobriety. Wedding rings seem to almost magically appear on fingers. Unfortunately, getting un-married in Nevada takes considerably longer than does getting married – even with Nevada’s reputation for “Quickie Divorces.”

Fortunately, Smith Legal Group can assist you to make full use of Nevada’s liberal Annulment laws when your night before “I Do’s” become today’s sheepishly admitted “what did we do’s.” Unlike a Nevada divorce, Nevada has no residency requirement for parties wishing to annul their marriages. That means that Smith Legal Group can step in and take care of the legalities of annulling the marriage without the need for you to reside in Nevada during the process. In many cases, annulments can be finalized without the need for you to return to Nevada for any Hearings. That means you can get back to your normal life and leave what may have been an ill-timed decision right where it belongs – in the past.

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