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Reconsidering a Quick Marriage? Smith Legal Group Can Help

If you married someone in haste and are now second-guessing your decision, you’re not alone. In the buzz of Vegas’s neon lights, parties, and wedding chapels, it’s easy to make decisions you might soon regret. Many people believe divorce is their only way out of a marriage, but annulment offers another legal pathway towards a resolution – one that’s often faster and less cumbersome than a traditional Nevada divorce.

If you’re struggling with the aftermath of an ill-timed “I do,” our annulment attorneys at Smith Legal Group in Henderson, NV can step in and provide expert legal counsel, guiding you through the nuances of Nevada’s annulment process. Our legal practice specializes in the full spectrum of family law, delivering professional legal representation to Nevada residents with clarity, compassion, and precision. Get the closure you seek and contact our annulment lawyers at Smith Legal Group today.

An annulment attorney that is part of a family law attorney group meets with a female client in Henderson, NV

Nevada Annulment – When Tying the Knot Wasn’t a Good Idea

Divorce and annulment are often used interchangeably, but they serve different legal functions. A divorce ends a legally recognized marriage, whereas an annulment declares that a marriage was invalid from the start – as if it never happened. In Nevada, this means that the marriage will be erased from both parties’ records, giving the unmarried couple a clean slate in the eyes of the law.

This distinction is critical when considering factors like asset division, alimony, financial obligations, and other legalities commonly associated with divorce proceedings. Unlike divorce, there’s no division of assets or spousal support considerations, which can drastically simplify the process. The Legal Team at Smith Legal Group is well-versed in these distinctions and can help educate you on your options, shedding in-depth insights into how to eliminate your current marital status.

Filing for an Annulment in Nevada – Who Can File & How

You can file for annulment in Nevada, regardless of residency. Anyone married in Nevada can file for an annulment, even non-residents. The state also allows its residents to file for annulment for marriages that took place outside the state lines.

The annulment process starts by filing a complaint and paying the filing fee in a Nevada district court. You’ll need to identify the appropriate jurisdiction, which is often based on where you or your spouse reside or where the marriage took place. After filing the complaint, your spouse is served with a summons and other court documents. They will have a specific amount of time to respond, and if they don’t, you may be granted a default annulment. If your spouse contests, you’ll face a court hearing where evidence and testimonies come into play. Our legal counsel at Smith Legal Group is invaluable here, as the court’s decision will rely on the strength of your case.

Where Annulment Is Warranted – And Sometimes Necessary

If you’re the one filing for an annulment, the responsibility is on you to prove that the marriage should be voided. This isn’t always easy, and the reasons are often unpleasant. Our annulment attorneys are adept at helping clients like you gather solid evidence and present a strong case that meets Nevada’s legal criteria. Valid grounds for voiding a marriage include:

Lack of Consent

If one party is underage and did not have the legal consent of a parent or guardian, the marriage can be annulled. The state of Nevada requires those 17 years of age to obtain parental consent and a judge’s consent for marriage.


If crucial facts were deliberately concealed or misrepresented by your spouse to coerce your consent for marriage, you might have a strong case for an annulment.


Being married to more than one person at a time automatically makes the subsequent marriage voidable. Nevada law strictly prohibits bigamy.

Want of Understanding

If either party lacked the mental capacity to understand the nature and responsibilities of marriage at the time of the ceremony, this could be used as grounds for annulment.

Blood Relation

Marriages between close blood relatives are prohibited under Nevada law and can be annulled without much dispute.

Erase Your Marriage for Good With Smith Legal Group

Married in the heat of a Las Vegas moment and now mulling over your options? Put it where it belongs – in the past. If you’re contemplating a separation from your spouse, you don’t have to navigate your decision alone. Smith Legal Group provides the world-class expertise and emotional support you need to seek an annulment from your Nevada marriage. With our no-strings-attached legal consultations, reaching out to us is a risk-free step toward reclaiming your life. Experience firsthand why so many have entrusted their annulment cases to our care. Contact us today for a complimentary legal consultation and remove your marriage from the history books for good.

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