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Discover How Smith Legal Group Can Help Protect Your Rights

Although Nevada does not explicitly acknowledge the concept of grandparents’ visitation rights, a concept called third-party visitation rights is recognized. Grandparents can use these to obtain a visitation order from Nevada’s family court system. At Smith Legal Group, our team of experienced family law attorneys in Henderson, NV has always believed that family comes first, staunchly protecting the rights and best interests of Nevada grandparents and their grandchildren.

Cases involving grandparents’ visitation rights can be a challenging legal process, but our law firm understands the importance of making our clients feel heard, understood, and supported during emotionally charged times. Our in-depth legal expertise and compassionate approach provide the guidance you need to navigate the complexities of obtaining third-party visitation rights and preserve family connections. Learn more and get in touch with Smith Legal Group today.

A grandmother holds and reads to her grandchild in Henderson, NV.

Understanding Third-Party Visitation Rights for Grandparents

Making the case for third-party visitation rights in Nevada is a process that can quickly become overwhelming, especially for grandparents already facing emotional stress due to separation from their grandchildren. Grandparents must provide what is called the “burden of proof,’ or the ability to foster an environment that supports the best interest of their grandchildren. The court weighs these various factors, which include the child’s well-being, the history of the relationship between grandparent and grandchild, and even willingness to encourage a positive parent-child relationship.

Don’t let the seemingly broader concept of third-party visitation rights get the best of you. Our legal experts at Smith Legal Group will help you build a compelling case, streamline the process, and advocate for your family’s best legal interests every step of the way.

Obtaining a Visitation Order as a Grandparent in Nevada

Grandparents seeking a visitation order must go through several legal steps to ensure the rights of both the child and the grandparent are protected. The grandparent must file a petition with the district court where the child lives, outlining their relationship with the child and proving the child will benefit from a proposed visitation schedule. A judge will then consider the burden of proof, the parents’ wishes, and other various factors that impact the child’s daily life. If the court determines that visitation is appropriate, a visitation order will then be issued.

Nevada’s recognition of third-party visitation rights also extends to other family members. Relatives and non-relatives who have previously cared for the child, including aunts, uncles, and even close family friends, may also file a petition for visitation rights.

Choose the Reliable Legal Expertise at Smith Legal Group

Getting help from a qualified legal professional can make a world of difference amid a distressing family matter. At Smith Legal Group, we understand the intricacies of Nevada family law and understand the emotional gravity of these cases, making it a priority to offer more than just expert legal advice. When we evaluate your case, we apply our technical knowledge and real-world experience to advise you on the best way forward, guiding and educating you along the way so you’re never in the dark. Maintain the fabric of your family with Smith Legal Group, Henderson, Nevada’s full-service family law firm.

Navigating Nevada’s Legal Landscape Since 2010

When family structures shift, it’s often the bonds between grandparents and grandchildren that feel the strain. The joy of seeing your grandchildren grow can suddenly become entangled in legal complexities, leaving you wondering where to turn. The law experts at Smith Legal Group provide the full-service legal representation and compassionate support you need to obtain the visitation rights you deserve.

Since 2010, Smith Legal Group has been at the forefront of world-class legal representation across Clark County and throughout Nevada, offering expert guidance and support in the sensitive areas of family law. If you’re faced with a complex legal issue regarding your grandchildren, you can rely on our team of attorneys for thoughtful legal counsel rooted in decades of practice. Contact the law offices at Smith Legal Group and discuss your case in a complimentary consultation today.

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