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What Is Adoption?

Adoption is the process of taking full, legal responsibility for another person. In most cases, this involves a parent or parents who wish to adopt a child. In some cases, however, this can involve one adult adopting another adult.

Adoption in Las Vegas, NV

Two-Step Process

Child Adoption is usually a two-step process. Every child has two parents, whether those parents are ever involved in the child’s life or not. Accordingly, prior to adopting a child, the adopting parties must ensure that the parental rights of the child’s parent or parents are terminated. Only then will the Court grant parental rights to the adoptive parent(s). At Smith Legal Group, we understand adoption and the process and standards required to terminate the rights of biological parents. Although not every adoption is easy, for adopting parents, the ability to bring a child into their family is among the most satisfying feelings in the world.

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