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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

Smith Legal Group provides a domestic violence defense lawyer in Las Vegas, Nevada. We understand how critical an excellent defense is after a spouse or family member accuses you of abuse, and our legal experts possess the knowledge, skills, and determination necessary to produce favorable outcomes. We guide you throughout the process, developing a robust legal strategy to defend you. In some cases, we may be able to avoid litigation altogether, saving you the time, money, and the trauma of going to court. We’ll serve as genuine advocates for you and your rights, ensuring you an optimal outcome in the name of the law.

lawyer explaining paper to client

Five Common Types of Domestic Violence Accusations

Accusations of domestic abuse and violence can negatively impact your life, with the stigma and stress continuing well beyond the courts. If you’ve been accused of a domestic assault crime and need legal guidance, you want the most trusted professionals advocating for you. The following are the most common forms of abuse accusations. If your spouse or family member accuses you of domestic violence, you may be entitled to legal action.


Punching, kicking, pushing, pulling, and other physical acts of domestic violence.


The attempt to negatively affect or harm a spouse through their emotions.


The toll behavior takes on the mind of the alleged victim, including spreading fear through threats.


Words, including threats and malicious comments, meant to break down the alleged victim.


Removing any financial independence from the alleged victim, such as taking over their money, controlling how they spend money, affecting their ability to get a job, and more.

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Reasons to Hire a Domestic Defense Lawyer

If you’ve experienced the following losses or consequences following a spousal abuse accusation, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our professionals and learning more about how to clear your name and record:

  • You’re facing a minor or severe arrest and prison time.
  • You’ve lost your job because of the accusation.
  • You’ve lost your child custody and parental rights.
  • Licenses, such as for firearms, have been suspended or revoked.
  • Your reputation has been tarnished or ruined.

Don’t Face Spousal/Domestic Abuse Allegations Alone

Standing up to accusations of spousal abuse is no easy task. Luckily, our passionate team of legal experts is here to help. During your free consultation, we’ll evaluate the details of your case, develop a robust legal strategy, and fight for your rights and freedoms. We provide a free consultation, ensuring you save more of your hard-earned time, money, and energy. We’re here to preserve your health, safety, and rights with the most trusted legal counsel for your needs.

Free Consultations Available 7 Days A Week