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Discover the Benefits of Mediated Divorce

Not every Divorce needs to be a cutthroat process pitting two sides against each other, with each side working to maximize their own outcomes. Through a Mediated Divorce, Parties hire Smith Legal Group to act as a neutral mediator between the Parties. The Parties each have an opportunity to put forth their desired outcomes and then the experienced mediators at Smith Legal Group work to assist the Parties in coming up with a fair and equitable settlement that is in line with both Nevada Law and what a judge would do in each specific situation. A Mediated Divorce is not for everyone. Mediation requires the desire and ability to compromise for the greater good. However, Smith Legal Group typically performs Mediated Divorces for a low flat fee at a rate lower than each Party would typically pay in an individual retainer. Utilizing the Mediated Divorce process, therefore, saves both Parties time, money, and headaches. Moreover, the Mediated Divorce process leaves the majority of the assets where they belong – in your pockets, not the pockets of attorneys.

divorce mediator

Experienced Mediation Lawyers

At Smith Legal Group, we understand Nevada Divorce Law. We understand the ins and outs of the Nevada Legal System and how the law will most likely be applied by a judge should the case be litigated. Moreover, we are experienced in the mediation process and know how to bring parties together to come to a mutually beneficial settlement. Smith Legal Group has been called upon by both Nevada’s Family Court judges and other practicing Family Law attorneys to assist parties in coming up with a fair and equitable mediated agreement that will be honored and enforced by the Nevada Courts.

Contact Smith Legal Group

If the thought of a long, drawn-out, litigated divorce is something you want to avoid, call Smith Legal Group and schedule a free consultation for a Mediated Divorce. We look forward to assisting you in developing a mutually agreeable resolution to your divorce issues through the process of mediation.

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