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A couple sitting with their backs to each other before meeting with a divorce lawyer in Las Vegas, NV

There is no standard formula you can use to determine when it’s time to obtain the help of a Las Vegas divorce attorney. Every couple has unique marital problems and varying levels of commitment. However, if you find yourself frequently wondering if your quality of life would improve if you did consult a divorce attorney, it may be time to analyze whether your relationship is salvageable.

Your Spouse Seems More Like a Roommate

Most marriages do not fall apart overnight. They gradually disintegrate over the years until the romance is gone and neither spouse enjoys each other’s company. In fact, one of the most common reasons for initiating divorce litigation is that the marriage feels more like a practical living arrangement, rather than a relationship. If you and your spouse are rarely intimate or are staying together merely for financial advantages, it may be in your best interest to seek the legal guidance of a divorce attorney.

You and Your Spouse Argue Constantly

It’s rare for a couple to never fight at all. One sign of a healthy marriage is the ability to disagree, and then to resolve differences with clear communication. If you and your spouse can’t seem to see eye to eye any longer, consider talking to a Henderson family lawyer. Many couples decide to file for divorce when they realize that they’re arguing over the same issues over and over again, yet never managing to resolve anything. Sometimes, marriages characterized by constant arguments are also marked by verbal abuse. Verbal abuse can be difficult to recognize. If your spouse is verbally abusing you, you may feel as though you no longer have any self-confidence, that you have to walk on eggshells at home, or that your spouse is purposely trying to hurt your feelings.

Marriage Counseling Hasn’t Helped

Often, one or both spouses try to work with a marriage counselor before meeting with a divorce attorney. Marriage counseling can often save relationships by helping spouses view situations from the other’s perspective. If you’ve tried marriage counseling and it doesn’t appear that your relationship has improved, you might consider filing for divorce.