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You Can Trust Our Las Vegas, NV-Based Misdemeanor Attorney

While misdemeanor charges are not as serious as felonies, you should still take them seriously because they can have lasting impacts on your life. Smith Legal Group’s misdemeanor attorneys help Las Vegas, NV clients avoid the most severe consequences. We work hard to achieve an acquittal in court or to get the charges dropped. In some cases, our best option is to pursue a plea deal. We have built relationships with prosecutors that enable us to secure the best possible result for our clients. No matter what, you can count on our professionalism and legal expertise to keep you out of prison. If you’re in trouble, give us a call immediately, and we’ll get to work on your case.

A divorce lawyer meets with a senior couple about getting an uncontested divorce in Henderson, NV.

Understand Misdemeanor Crimes and Their Penalties

Misdemeanor sentences are not as severe as felonies. However, if convicted, you could spend up to six months in county jail – which we want to avoid. Six months is the maximum amount a judge can impose. Our legal expertise is crucial to our ability to persuade judges and prosecutors to recommend shorter sentences if you are convicted of your crime. Another thing to consider is fines. Misdemeanor offenses often incur hefty penalties of up to $1,000. But it is our job to minimize or completely avoid those consequences.

Don’t Allow a Misdemeanor Arrest to Shape Your Life

Our primary goal is to ensure a misdemeanor conviction does not permanently alter your life. Even though they are not as life-changing as a felony, misdemeanors can shape your future. They will be on your criminal record and can prevent you from finding some kind of work. It is essential to hire an experienced and capable lawyer. Fortunately, at Smith Legal Group, we have had resounding successes in preventing these consequences for our clients. Contact us today for a consultation.

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