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Trust Our Experienced Las Vegas, NV Traffic Violation Attorneys

Smith Legal Group specializes in various legal defense areas, helping clients throughout Las Vegas, NV. Our traffic violation attorneys have decades of experience defending clients facing traffic charges and minimizing fines and potential jail time. While traffic violations might seem minor, they can have major impacts. For instance, Nevada can revoke your driver’s license in some situations, harming your ability to maintain employment. We are here to help you avoid the most severe consequences of a traffic violation. Contact us today before your court appearance, and we can help.

Two parents and their child eat breakfast together thanks to a family law attorney in Henderson, NV

We Can Help You Avoid Points on Your Driver’s License

There are many traffic violations, from speeding to more serious cases such as driving with a suspended license. In many cases, these charges only carry a small fine. But all traffic violations result in the accumulation of points. If you receive too many points, you can face a suspension of your license. If convicted of an offense, the court will send a notification to the BMV within days. The BMV will then add the proper points to your record. Eventually, these points will roll off. However, you will need legal representation if there is a problem. In some cases, our attorneys can also prevent points from being added by dismissing your traffic violation.

We Offer Thorough and Professional Legal Representation

Regardless of your situation, you can rely on an unparalleled degree of representation from our traffic ticket attorneys. We pay close attention to the details and give our clients all we can provide them. You can benefit from our outstanding reputation by contacting us ahead of your court date. A traffic ticket doesn’t have to come with a hefty fine or a loss of your driver’s license. With our help, you can continue driving your vehicle with peace of mind.

Free Consultations Available 7 Days A Week