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A family law attorney holding a Divorce Agreement in Henderson, NV

How to choose the best Las Vegas divorce attorney

If your marriage has deteriorated and isn’t salvageable, it’s time to consult a divorce attorney. However, choosing the right family law lawyer near Las Vegas to guide you through the divorce litigation process can be tricky. You may wish to ask for referrals from any family members and friends who have also gone through a divorce. Bear in mind, however, that just because a friend had a great experience with one particular lawyer doesn’t automatically mean that you will as well. If your marriage has deteriorated and isn’t salvageable, it’s time to consult a divorce attorney.


The first step in selecting the right divorce attorney is to assess his or her experience. Check the lawyer’s website for biographical information. Many lawyers describe which law school they graduated from and what type of experience they have. Many lawyers specialize in one or a few different areas of the law. Make sure the attorney you select has plenty of experience with divorce litigation and divorce mediation, along with related issues such as child custody, child support, and father’s rights.


After you determine that a lawyer has sufficient experience to help you navigate the divorce process and get your life back on track, consider other factors such as the convenience of the law firm. Consider whether the law firm is close enough to your home or place of business. You may also prefer to choose a lawyer that offers appointments seven days per week and you may require after-hours appointments to suit your schedule.


Affordability is a critical concern for many people who are going through the divorce process. Select a lawyer who offers an initial consultation free of charge. During the consultation, you can discuss the anticipated fees for the divorce. You may wish to select a lawyer who offers flexible payment plans.


During the initial consultation and throughout the divorce process, you can expect to discuss highly personal and sensitive issues with the lawyer. Your lawyer will need this information to represent your interests in court. This is why it’s best to choose a lawyer with whom you feel comfortable sharing personal details.