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A mother playing with her child thanks to the help of her adoption lawyer in Henderson, NV

Answered by an attorney for adoption

Adoption offers the opportunity to welcome a child into your family and it gives that child a second chance at life. Many people decide to consult a family law attorney about adoption because they struggle with infertility and cannot have their own biological children. Others seek the counsel of an adoption attorney in Las Vegas because they feel compelled to help a child in need. Regardless of your reasons, starting the adoption process is laudable. A family law attorney serving Henderson can help you to learn more about adoption law in Nevada.

Am I Eligible to Adopt a Child?

If you successfully navigate the adoption process, you’re likely eligible to adopt a child in Nevada. Your family law attorney will review your unique situation and explain the criteria for adoption. Individuals of any race, religion, income, and marital status can apply for adoption. However, you must be over the age of 21 and at least 10 years older than the child you apply to adopt. No preference is given to those who rent versus those who own their own homes.

Can I Specify Adoption Preferences?

On your application, you can specify the preferred age, sex, ethnic background, and the number of children you prefer. You can discuss these preferences during the home study process.

What Information Will I Receive?

You’ll be provided with all of the information about the child’s background that is available to the adoption agency. The birth parents may choose to limit identifying information. Sometimes, adopting parents may directly contact the birth parents to gather relevant information.

What Does the Adoption Process Involve?

After you apply to adopt a child, you’ll go through the home study process. This is a type of screening tool that also serves to provide you with the necessary information. During the home study process, the adoption agency staff will get to know you and your family, review your references, and conduct fingerprint and background clearances.