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Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Las Vegas and Surrounding Areas

Not all marriages that fall apart turn into bitter battles. Sometimes when divorcing parties separate, they are able to come to an agreement on how they want to divide their assets, debts, rights, and responsibilities. Even in those circumstances, however, it is wise to engage the services of experienced legal counsel to ensure that the divorce is handled properly through the Courts. Smith Legal Group can assist you and your spouse with the intricacies of your divorce and ensure that the agreements you make in your divorce are enforceable through the Courts should a dispute arise later.

lawyer meeting with senior couple

Expert-level Legal Assistance

Smith Legal Group knows Nevada Law and what the Court expects to see in a valid Joint Petition for Divorce. We can help you understand the issues and what the most likely outcome would be through the Courts if the divorce were to be litigated rather than agreed upon amicably. Through our representation, we can help you and your spouse understand why coming to an agreement regarding the issues that matter most in a divorce are generally better decided upon amicably than thrown to the Courts. Although the Courts can decide the issues of Custody, Child Support, Division of Assets, and Division of Debts for you, once you understand how the Courts are most likely to rule, most parties find themselves in a better position to make decisions. This generally saves time, money, and a whole lot of stress that does not need to enter into the divorce process.

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