Insurance Law

Las Vegas Insurance LawyerMake no mistake, insurance companies are in the money collection business – not the claims settlement business. The typical insurance policy is a multi-page document that contains two to three short paragraphs telling you what they will pay for. The rest of the policy of full of exceptions, exclusions, definitions, contingencies, and caveats that define what the insurer will not pay for. Too often, the policies purchased by insureds do little more than give the insured the right to sue the insurer for coverage.

At Smith Legal Group, we don’t represent insurance companies. Period. This is a big departure from most firms who covet insurance company work because of the consistent and lucrative business that an insurer can provide. Because of this, many law firms will not put up a fight when an insurer tries to bully its insured into taking a low-ball settlement. Those same firms refuse to sue insurers for their bad faith practices or statutory violations against their own insureds for fear of losing potential business from an insurer in the future. At Smith Legal Group, we represent you – not your insurer. While we are more than willing to work with insurance companies who are willing to fulfill their responsibilities towards their insureds, we also realize that most insureds are one false move away from being in an adversarial relationship with their own insurers.

If you get involved in litigation, before turning your claim over to your insurer, call Smith Legal Group for a comprehensive insurance evaluation. We will ensure that your insurer meets its responsibilities with regards to your defense. We will fight for your best interests, not those of your insurance company. And if your insurance company crosses the line and violates its obligations to you, we will be there to ensure they are held accountable.

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