Bankruptcy law Las VegasToday’s tough times have affected just about everyone. Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, business owner, school teacher, salesman, or anything in between, the odds are that you have taken a financial beating over the last few years. At Smith Legal Group, we are not a slash-and-burn bankruptcy mill that churns through hundreds of bankruptcy cases every month. Each of our clients is treated as our firm’s most important client – not just another bankruptcy case number. With us, you will get the personal attention you deserve. Our consultation is not just a quick, ten-minute, superficial consultation. We will take the time to get to know you and your situation. Throughout your entire case, we will answer all your questions, return your calls promptly, and keep you apprised of what’s happening in your case. Most importantly, from your first appointment to the final discharge of your debts, your case will be handled by experienced attorneys.If you are considering filing for a bankruptcy protection, don’t sell yourself short.

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Who Should File For Bankruptcy?

You don’t have to be flat broke to file bankruptcy. Consumers frequently ask if they have to have a certain level of debt to qualify for bankruptcy or if they have to be without assets to file. The answer to both questions is NO. Generally, all it takes to qualify to file some form of bankruptcy is a willingness to submit your non exempt assets to the claims of your creditors.

Here in Nevada, here are some common scenarios we see:

  • You are trying to keep debts current but are borrowing money from one card to pay other (robbing Peter to pay Paul).
  • You are trying to keep debts current by using your savings but can see the day approaching when your savings will run out. Consider long and hard before resorting to liquidating IRA’s or 401K plans to pay creditors: These assets are generally protected from collection actions by creditors; they are hard to replenish once spent; but most importantly, using retirement savings to pay creditors may create new debt in the form of income taxes and penalties for early withdrawal. Your good intentions to repay creditors may just end up substituting Uncle Sam as a tax creditor in place of your existing creditors.
  • You are trying to keep debts current but you are going without life’s essentials to do so (you do not need to do this).
  • You have defaulted on credit card debt and are dealing with debt collectors who are not willing to help you and are rude and harassing.
  • You have defaulted on credit card debt and are being sued or already have civil judgments against you.
  • You have looked into credit counseling and found that they demanded a payment you could not afford or, worse, you have been scammed out of money.
  • You have lost a job or had a reduction in income.
  • You have incurred substantial medical debt because of illness or an accident.
  • You have fallen behind on house or car payments and are facing foreclosure or repossession.
  • You had a business that failed or is failing.
  • You lost your rental or investment real estate in a foreclosure and you owe the IRS income taxes for the debt that was forgiven.

If your financial situation causes such stress that it interferes with your ability to work, parent, or sleep at night, you may want to consider bankruptcy as a means to regain your peace of mind as well as to remedy your overall financial health.

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