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A family law attorney meeting with family for case purposes in Henderson, NV

No-Fault Divorce Laws

A no-fault divorce is a divorce that is granted without one of the spouses proving that the other spouse did anything wrong to break up the marriage. When your divorce attorney applies for a no-fault divorce, he or she will simply provide a reason the state recognizes for divorce, such as irreconcilable differences. Nevada is a no-fault divorce state in which no couple must argue fault to be awarded a divorce.

Why You Still Need a Divorce Lawyer for No-Fault Divorces

You may wonder why you need a divorce lawyer serving Las Vegas if you don’t have to prove any fault to get a divorce, but it’s important to remember that winning the actual divorce is only a small piece of a divorce attorney’s work. Your divorce lawyer will also help you negotiate things like the division of property and legal and physical custody of your children. When deciding these issues, courts can and do consider fault, so your lawyer can help shield you from any accusations your ex-spouse might make while helping to make a case on your behalf.