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A lawyer showing divorce decree form at Henderson, NV

Sometimes, married couples delay filing a petition for divorce with the help of a family law firm simply because they dread the litigation process. Divorce litigation often takes a long time to resolve and it can be highly stressful to discuss personal matters in court. However, it can also be quite stressful and unhealthy to stay in an unhappy marriage. This is why Smith Legal Group is pleased to offer our divorce mediation services to couples who feel that they can amicably work out their differences without the need for a prolonged court battle. At our family law firm near Las Vegas, you and your spouse can work with a divorce attorney who is also a skilled, qualified mediator.

Our mediators understand the intricacies of Nevada family law and they are dedicated to helping spouses who are at odds with each other come to mutually beneficial compromises. With our help, you and your spouse can develop a fair, equitable mediated divorce agreement that the family court judge will accept and enforce.