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Like most states, Nevada provides married couples with ways of seeking fault-based divorces and no-fault divorces. It is good to be aware of the divorce laws in Nevada. To determine if you meet the eligibility requirements to file for divorce, you can consult a Las Vegas divorce attorney. Your divorce attorney can help you navigate divorce litigation and recommend the type of divorce you should file for. Many individuals choose a no-fault divorce, which may be granted on grounds of incompatibility. Additionally, either spouse may request a no-fault divorce if the two of you have been living separately for at least one year.

You can learn about fault-based grounds for divorce by watching this video or by consulting your family law attorney. This legal expert lists grounds for divorce such as adultery and cruelty. However, in Nevada, the only acceptable reason for a fault-based divorce is proof of the insanity of the other spouse, which must have existed for at least two years prior to filing the petition.